Lagos Past Testimonies

Healed of Stroke.

About 3 years ago, I have been suffering from stroke and since then found it difficult to walk unaided. I received my healing after prayers and now I can walk properly unaided, dance and do a lot of things that I could not do before.

Complicated Ganglions healed.

My sister, Olufunmilayo suffered a big growth of over 3cm in the wrist for almost a year. After she was prayed for she felt short waves of electricity and the pain left her and she has mobility of her wrist again.

Daughter Healed from Knee pain and Asthma Attack.

My nine year old daughter has pain on her left knee and Asthma Attack. All the pain left her body and her wheezing from her asthma attacked stopped after she was prayed for.

Woman Healed of Glaucoma & Short Sightedness

Three years glaucoma and short sightedness was healed.  I could see only one screen clearly from the back where I was standing after prayer  and I saw without using glasses.

Woman healed of Orphan Spirit and felt the love of God.

In the course of the prayer, I had an overwhelming infilling of God’s love as my father. My biological Father had been  absent in my life for a long period and I had been carrying hurt and fear in my life but after being prayed for, loved on and ministered to. I was healed in my heart and found myself weeping for sometimes in the Father’s embrace.

I was unable to get pregnant due to blocked fallopian tubes since 2010 I got married. After the last conference God visited me and I put to birth to a baby girl January 2018.

Man healed of strange movement in his head and sharp pain

I have had this condition for two years. I got prayed for; the pain relieved and the movement stop.

Sinus Infection and Knee Pain leaves woman body

I am healed of Sinuse infection which I have had for over 10 years on my knees and lower back (since teenage years). I got prayed for and the pain in my knees stopped, pressure on my nose stopped, headache gone. I can bend well and touch my knees without pain in my lower back.

Man felt a cold air rushed into his chest and all pain left

I got healed of pains from an accident I had 3-to-4 months ago. When I was prayed for; I felt an unusual mighty flow of cold air rushing into my chest and then I fell down and I was healed as Paul Martini ministered to me.

Severe Pain from Multiple Sclerosis disappears.

For the past 6 years I have being having Multiple sclerosis (MS). After prayer my knee pain disappeared gradually yesterday and today I can kneel which was something very difficult to do. I can now kneel.

Abuja Past Testimonies

Healed of toothache
I have had a tooth extracted before and I have had others filled. I recently could not chew without shocks coming up again. As at yesterday, it still persisted-I couldn’t chew properly. A word of knowledge was given. I went back home last night and the first thing I chewed on the right side of my mouth was cake. I didn’t get that sensation as it was during the day before the word of knowledge.

Healed of left knee injury
I sustained an injury on my left knee over three months ago. There was a swelling and I couldn’t walk properly without a band tied round it. In the course of the prayers, I felt a sensation and the swelling disappeared

I had chest pain for the past three years but after I was prayed for, God healed me and I’m now free.

I have been having this sharp pain on my chest and legs. The doctor diagnosed it as rheumatism (an outcome of an auto crash). It was severe and I have been admitted on several occasions at the hospital. After the ministration and prayers, I noticed the pains were gone. Thank you Jesus.

I was diagnosed for heart attack, constant headache, hotness in my head, nostril blockage and ear pains too.  This condition started since last year September. During the prayers, God arrested the demonic and evil power behind all those sicknesses. Finally, the pains reduced from 100% to 30%. I thank God for the healing process he has started in my life and I believe God He will make it perfect it. 
Eva. Ikechukwu

I had a severe injury on my fingers and toes. The finger and toe were swollen, it was so severe that I couldn’t walk well and sleep at night because of the pains for 3 years. The doctors said the solution was to have a plastic surgery. When I was prayed for it was as if something left me, the swollen finger and toe dried up. I was restored, revived and healed.
Prophet Emmanuel

Healed of Teary Eye
For about 4 years, I was unable to see clearly through my eyes, I teared up constantly and was unable to look directly into bright light. I also had a sharp pain with associated headaches. Now I can see clearly. I have no more pains and headaches.

About 2 weeks ago, I started feeling a needle like pain on my left eye. I was scared to have it checked because I just love to read and anything that threatens my eye was really scary to me. After the prayers I didn’t notice the healing right away, it was latter I noticed the pain had gone.

I’ve had blurred vision over 3years and chest pain. After the prayers, I felt relieved and at peace that I have received my healing. So when I came out to testify I was asked to look and read something far away from me and yes I could see it and read.

I had a fatal accident in 2011 and had my pelvis fractured. I got healed but I still had pain on my right leg when I sit for 30 minutes. The pain was really severe. Dr Tom Jones said we should lay our hands on where we were experiencing pains.  As instructed by Dr Tom, I placed my hand on my right leg. After the prayers, I was able to sit down for more than 2hours without any pains.