Past Lagos Conference Feedback

“The Program was one of a kind, it was enriching and refreshing. I wished it can be rewind. It was a great meeting for a wonderful honour. I was so blessed. May God give you more grace and refresh you with fresh oil for greater manifestation in these last days. I was honoured. Your program humbled me. It placed me on course and focus. I’ll attend again and again if there’s another opportunity to do so. God bless you for that wonderful vision and dream. Stay empowered in the name of Jesus”.
Pastor Amos

Thank you for keeping in touch. I am very happy for what God is doing through Lapis Lazulis Ministry. I learnt much about the great commission as handled by Dr Tom Jones. The text was matthew28:19. The essence is looking out for people with broken life, meeting their immediate need and helping them with good guide to rebuild their broken life. I so much appreciate the understanding I got about casting out demons. Not by shouting at the top of your voice but simply speak the word (2 Corinthians 3: 4-5). May the growth of this ministry find more expression in the Lord. I will do my best to tell the world around Jesus Christ and what He is doing in the Lapis lazuli. Forever God’s word is settled. Hallelujah.  

“The registration process was well coordinated and the Holy Spirit was awesome during the conference”.

“Highly organised and felt the presence of God”

“Please come to Uniben. We need this kind of training and impartation”.

“I felt the Holy Spirit, I have never experience what happened to me”.

“The worship and teaching sessions were really mind catching. God bless you people”.
Pst Dickson

“The registration team were lovely; there was no discrimination at all. The ministrations were biblically inclined”.
Pastor Amos

“There were courteous people at the registration stand and I really sensed God’s presence during the worship and teaching session”.

“Excellent registration and good teachings”. I suggest improvements on feeding and recording of messages, thank you”.

Past Abuja Conference Feedback

“There was no much delay during the registration process and the worship and teaching sessions was really awesome”.

“The worship and the teaching sessions have always been excellent over the years and yes this year was not an exception”.

“The conference was really impactful, I felt encouraged, I pray for more grace upon your lives”.

“The worship was a blessing and the teaching sessions too blessed my life, it gave me assurance “.
Pastor Israel.

“The registration was orderly; also I was filled with the Holy Spirit during the worship and teaching sessions”.
Mr Patrick.

“The security and attendance were very good but this conference should also expand to other states in Nigeria”.
Madam Geraldine.

“It was well organized; the conference was just the best place to be”.

“God really used the worship and teaching sessions to touch my life, my registration was done within a short period of time”.
Okoronkwo .

“I was really touched during the sessions; I would like to suggest that the conference days should be increased”.
Elder Hyacinth

“I felt elevated with the welcome team in fact the entire ministration was Impactful but I want you people to cut down the break period because it doesn’t save time”.
Pastor Obatunde